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were leaving the harbor when they heard it pop. his 4-year-old son was hit by a bullet. >> as and isi heard the pop, i hold -- as soon as i heard the pop, i heard my son screaming. >> he ran for help and an officer on a bike responded. his father says doctors are considering leaving the bullet in the child's life. >> it is simply outrageous that anyone would bring at weapon -- a weapon into downtown, to bring a weapon into a fireworks display. >> during a press conference mayor rawlings-blake and and asioner bills i-- commissioner reacted to the violence.
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a man from alabama was killed. police believe a fight between two groups led to his death. >> moments later, the victim reing gauges the suspects and the 5 resumes, whereby the suspect who was armed with a shattered glass bottle swan the bottle and struck the victim in the neck. >> investigators have released this picture of a person of interest. they're asking for the police help in identifying him. >> this is ridiculous. nothing is proved with this type of incident. the only thing we have is what could have been a great time for family and friends in our city been marred because people want to get into -- get involved.
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>> police are looking at surveillance video to determine how the boy was shot and from where. they're asking anyone with information to call this number, 1-866-7-lockup. >> thank you. the violence that marred a holiday celebration drew attention nationally. and it raised questions about how to prevent it from happening again. should baltimore follow washington's lead? >> the harbor is certainly baltimores key asset. is it time to consider a different kind of security for big events? >> the police presence at the harbor was huge. even so, a 4-year-old was hit by a stray bullet, a man was fatally stabbed outside a restaurant and other serious
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scuffles erupted as well. and it was not the first time. last year before july forest -- before july 4 baby step their presence after a 19--- they beefed up their presence after a 19-year-old was harmed. the fact that we even have to contemplate doing this makes me not only sad, but sick to my stomach, one person writes. paul wrote, add security and charge a dollar to get in. an offset to the event. a small price to pay for the security of your family.
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>> i do not want baltimore to become a military state? -- a military state. >> families and parents know about when they have violent children and they know they need to get help. >> you cannot be surprised when the violence spread throughout the city if you ignore things. >> the business community is especially considering the grand prix is just two months away. that is another big weekend event. >> and right now, on you can see photos of the 4- year-old boy. also, you can take our survey. do you feel safe at the inner harbor? so far, most of our viewers say,
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no, they do not. >> amid the haleh violence, police -- the holiday island, police have an alarming problem. people are breaking into homes dressed as police. it is the third reported incident in that last few weeks. >> in the latest home invasion, it happened around 6:00 p.m. in baltimore city. what makes this different from the previous home invasions that we told you about is that police say the suspects in this case had all kinds of gear that make them look like they were from some kind of warrant task force. they had plastic cavs, shirts that said -- plastic cuffs, shirts that said "warrant" on
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them and other accessories. >> baltimore police are investigating a third home invasion in a couple of weeks where the suspects have identified themselves as baltimore police officers to gain entry. at around 6:00 a.m. thursday morning, three men dressed in police clothing broken to the 2800 block of garrison avenue, tied the two people up inside and dropped -- and then robbed them of electronics and cash. >> what is different about this one than the last two is that the individuals involved had badges around their necks. they had shirts that indicated they were police officers. >> police are also looking into two others. last friday, a man and woman were bound and gagged in the
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1600 block of elkton slane by suspects who said they were police. in 1927, a man was shot when suspects dressed as police broke into a home in the northeast of baltimore. >> this is an egregious action. braxton neighbors who did not want to go on camera said they were surprised -- >> neighbors who did not want to go on camera said they were surprised by the crime. raiding a house is a very severe step for investigators. the >> it is very rare that a warrant unit will do a forced entry on your home. you ought to be a violent person or someone who has been wanted for a long time. new >> all three of these are still under investigation.
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>> police are asking for anyone with information to call 911 immediately. >> a shares offices asking for your help. they are trying to find a man wanted for abduction and assault. the 34-year-old assaultive the is the girlfriend and her daughter. he then is accused of abducting her 8-year-old son and then letting him go about 45 minutes later. a few that information, call the carroll county sheriff's office. >> last week, johnson pleaded guilty. she admitted that she is right a $100,000 check from a developer tura's been and that she staffed $80,000 in illicit cash into her underwear. she now faces up to a year in prison. she resigned effective july 31. kasey anthony will be sentenced
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later this week, but not to -- not for her daughter's death. it took less than 2 days for the jurors to reach the verdict. >> kasey did not murder kailey. it is that simple. today, our system of justice has not dishonor her memory by a false conviction. >> bobbi 24--- while the woman was found not guilty of the murder of her daughter, she was convicted of lying to investigators. >> congress is still far from getting a deal done. it is something that the president called lawmakers out on again.
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nick -- nicole killion has more on the debt. >> president obama says he believes progress is within sight, but lawmakers still need to work out their differences. >> the fireworks are still flying in congress over whether to raise the nation's $14 trillion debt limit. >> it is impossible to negotiate. this week, we will debate this crisis with republicans, like it or not. >> the only way we will do it is if democrats agree to change their ways. >> instead of tackling the debt dilemma they took up a rival it -- a resolution on the back instead. >> on a week that the country has told them to focus on the big problems, they are not going to. >> the stalemate in testifies. >> -- intensifies.
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>> the two sides are deepening divisions and in trenching along those lines. >> the democrats say any deficit reduction plan must close loopholes for the wealthy. republicans equate that to a tax hike and will not accepted. >> right now, we have a unique opportunity to do something big, to tackle our deficit in a way that forces the government to live within its means, that with our economy on a path to a strong future, and still allows us to invest in the future. >> the president has invited leaders of both parties back to the white house on thursday. >> crews are searching for a missing boater in annapolis. >> we may have a tougher time avoiding tax records this season.
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>> we will check the radar to see if any of those storms are moving in this direction. 91 degrees right now at b.w.i. marshall. it is
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>> @ vorhees taye and suv drove through a chain-link fence and into a house on -- authorities say and suv drove through a chain-link fence and into a house. one person inside was hurt, but it's ok. the person driving was drinking and it is now charged with driving under the influence. crews responded to the intersection of folds and miller roads just after 9:00 a.m. this morning. an unidentified man was rushed to sinai hospital and pronounced
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dead. a woman who gets pregnant was taken to shock trauma and is in serious condition. -- a woman who was pregnant was taken to shock trauma and is in serious condition. >> this video shows the boat the missing man and his friends were operating. police will continue their search operations. you can share your videos when ranking news happens at -- went breaking news happens at >> and now, your 11 insta- weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> 87 is the normal high. 96 at the inner harbor. that at least a
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little change in the atmosphere. less moisture in the atmosphere and not as stifling and muggy as it was over the weekend. the record high, 102 degrees. the record low, 55. it is interesting that the record amount of precipitation this time of year is fairly low. the most we have had on the rain gauge for the fifth of baltimore -- for the fifth of july, 1.65 oz. the temperatures are not that bad for this time of year. the 70's and very cool out west. dry air near oakland and prospered in western maryland. the lower eastern shore still has a few thunderstorms on going, especially in delaware.
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and the computer models continue to generate an occasional shower were thunderstorm. -- or thunderstorm. of around baltimore, partly cloudy skies and mild temperatures, 65-72 and the sunset at 8:36 a.m. you can see clouds pop up in parts of kent county. slow-moving storms could make it very wet, but only in isolated areas. this front, however, remains stalled to our south. thursday and friday we will keep an eye on this front coming in from the northwest. a possibility of a thunderstorm will be in the forecast for the next three or four days. tomorrow, storms developing on the computer models in the afternoon and evening.
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thursday, morning sunshine and another round of afternoon storms. the same scenario for friday. the 87-92 tomorrow, just like today with light winds. afternoon storms popping up. about 30% chance tomorrow. at thethe low 80's baltimore harbor and the eastern shore. only about a 20% chance of storms near deep creek tomorrow. a better chance of storms for western maryland on thursday. on the lower eastern shore, about a 30% chance of thunderstorms. it will be warm and muggy, heights in the low 90's. saturday, we start to see the storms moving out of the picture, more sunshine, a bit cooler. lots of sunshine with a high of
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88 on sunday. >> randy etzel continues to make his mark on the maryland football program, making it clear that the rules of the team will stand, starter or not. he dismissed a junior guard, gesten lewis, from the team for a violation of rules. you started 12 games last season. -- he started 12 games last season. the terms open up labor day at home against miami. -- the troops opened up labor day at home against miami. -- the terps. if an agreement comes in the
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next two weeks, that is fine. if real progress is felt, they say they will work through the weekend to finalize a deal. scott heads to the disabled list today. he aggravated a shoulder injury after crashing into a wall making a catch. fortunately for the orioles, mark reynolds remains healthy. he is a sensational power in arlington last night. reynolds pop has not mattered much lately. tonight, mitch adkins makes his orioles debut. getting a chance why -- while prime madison and crystalline try to figure things out.
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-- brian mathisen and chris tilghman try to figure things out. monster month siege -- shot. that is when things got interesting. he could not get it right turn around. he went swimming instead. the kayak gets turned around. he won it, then gets run over. he survived it. darwin would have really loved this. [ female announcer ] keurig brews more than just hot coffee.
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>> a victory for kasey anthony, but still no justice for little kailey. tonight, more on why she was cleared of charges that she murdered her daughter. and violence downtown at the inner harbor. tonight, we talk to public leaders about public safety. leaders about public safety.
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>> when you get a daylight today, it is warm, but not too bad with the humidity. we have a degree chance of storms wednesday through friday. most of the weekend looks comfortable. mid to upper 80's and slightly less humid. 90's again next week. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> thanks for joining us. nbc nightly news with brian williams is next. >> had a good evening. -- have a good evening.
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